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About us

Research demonstrates that when people with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) engage in vigorous exercise programs that specifically address the symptoms and characteristics that are common among people with PD, the progression of the disease can be slowed down.  


The objective of the PD Rebel Project is to support the participation of people with Parkinson’s in meaningful Parkinson’s-specific exercise programs, such as boxing and dance, that can substantially enhance their daily function, provide a better quality of life, and increase the possibility that the rate of progression of their disease will be slowed.

Specifically, PD Rebel Project will support scholarships to assist participation in these Parkinson’s exercise programs. It is our aim to ensure that no person with Parkinson’s will be excluded from or limited in participation because of personal finances.  We will also consider direct support for the exercise programs themselves, to help ensure that these valuable programs can continue to provide high-quality services throughout the Portland metropolitan area, and to expand their ability to serve more people with Parkinson’s over time.

As with all new organizations, we are not yet sure of how much funding we will have available to give in the form of grants. Your contribution, and the success of our overall fundraising effort, will help determine the eventual number, size, and timing of our grants. Our objective is to make grants that will be targeted and impactful, and make a measurable difference in the ability of people with Parkinson's to manage their disease and improve their lives. For the foreseeable future we will narrowly focus on providing targeted scholarship and operating support for Parkinson's specific exercise programs like the Rebel Fit Club’s Rock Steady Boxing Program and PD Rebel Dance Company

our Directors:
Peter Broffman


Cathy Ranck


Melanie Wilson


Mark Reller


Ted Weitman


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